Journal – 5

Logo Design – My description of a Logo

Logo is one of the most important element of graphics design. It is a representation of the brand and should create an identity for the company or whoever it’s designed for. Therefore, it involves the process of looking at it in a marketing perspective as well as from a designer’s perspective. A logo could be created through the use of symbols, colour, typography, shapes, illustrations and so on.

A successful logo involves a great understanding of the brand and the ethos. It also requires a range of experimentations with the brand name and related symbols – creating wordmarks, letterform marks, symbol/marks, emblems? Characteristics of a great logo involves ,simplicity, colours, contrast and be a recognisable symbol.

Also considering the Gestalt Theory: similarity, continuation, closure, proximity, figure and ground.

Definitions of the theory found here:

WWF Logo


Image Source:, (2015). The Gestalt Principles. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Mar. 2015].

Using WWF logo as an example, it’s a clean, simple and recognisable logo. It uses the principle of closure and the use of negative space that allows our eyes to complete the shape of the panda. Although it doesn’t really tell us much about the brand, but it’s a visual symbol that’s so memorable and allows people to relate to the WWF when they see a panda.

Coca-Cola Logo


Image Source: Johnson, J. (2011). Pepsi vs Coke: The Power of a Brand | Design Shack. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Mar. 2015].

Another example would be Coca-Cola. It’s an example of a wordmarks that features a unique typographical treatment to convey the brand’s message. Our eyes are guided by the cursive script and follow the process of writing out the brand name – working with the theory of continuation. The colour red also represents the Coca-Cola as energetic and passionate.

Wordmarks is also a technique that I work with the most when it comes to logo design.

Apple’s Logo


Image Source:, (2014). Fred Design | So why an apple? The history of the apple logo. [online] Available at: [Accessed 2 Mar. 2015].

One of the most recognised and well known logo is probably the Apple logo. It is an example of a design that uses simple shapes and recognisable symbol of an apple. Apple logo is apparently designed perfectly under the golden ratio and is an example of a logo that will remain in history forever. Not only because it represents such a huge brand but it also refers itself to quality of the products. Even just by saying the word apple or seeing an apple, makes you think about the brand. This demonstrates the successfulness of the logo in terms of it depicting the apple’s identity as well as promoting the company.

A successful logo can definitely go a long way!

Helpful Sources:

Lecture notes from previous studies


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